Here is a subject that has fascinated me for many years. For those who are not familiar with it, the Tarot is a mysterious set of illustrated cards. Their designs are very old and have been secretly passed down to us through the centuries.

Although Tarot has often been misused by charlatans and their designs and meanings distorted, it is still possible, with perseverance, to recover the profound wisdom buried within them. Basically, this series of pictures describes the magical journey of the individual towards illumination. Even without full understanding, the symbols can appeal to us on a subconscious level.


You may be surprised to see a book about wisdom and spirituality on a site devoted so wholeheartedly to the erotic but, if you pause to consider, this subject is not as out of place as you might think - it is only our confused attitudes (based on what we have been taught) that make it appear so. Sexual and spiritual matters really go hand in hand although we have been trained, to our detriment, to keep them in separate compartments. Sex without spirit becomes distorted and empty and spirit without sexuality makes us arid and puritanical. I strongly believe that the two must now meet and be integrated; sex energy is a formidable force that flows through everything we do and our sexual natures underpin our true identity.

  The Kairos Tarot book represents this interesting fusion. Written by the remarkable occult researcher Kairos, this is the result of a lifetime’s dedicated study and meditation on the Tarot. Over the last two years he and I have been working together, he providing the commentaries while I illustrated them, to produce a completely new deck of Tarot cards. Not only will they be 84 in number, as distinct from the 78 of the standard pack, but they also differ in the style of representation of the time-honoured images. They are blatantly erotic and confrontational. We aim to put back into the Tarot pictures the vital missing factor, namely sexuality.

This does not mean distorting them in any way – to the contrary, I hope we will be able to shed new light on the meanings of the original symbols. This book will be quite unique.

‘…Wisdom dictates that, should we be true and earnest in our endeavours, we must cast aside all false modesty and prudery that seeks to limit our understanding of ourselves. Sexuality is but another face of our true Self.’ Kairos