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The idea of initiation has always intrigued me. It is something that happens at key times in your life and introduces you to something you have never experienced before, as well as a part of yourself you never suspected was there. This is an account of a ceremony I went through several years ago (I have changed some of the details), including some images which I hope will bring the text alive.


The text describes, in my own words, how and why I overcame deep inhibitions to do my first photoshoot, its powerful effect on me and how it led to many more sensual experiences and an unexpected creative burst-out. I am also including a short section from the novel Ghost Dance (by Frank Charles) describing an explosive encounter in a tree, accompanied by the painting Herne the Hunter.


In this section of autobiography I explain how I discovered my own response to The Story of O and started to act it out, without realising that many others the world over were meeting together to do the same thing. These early powerful experiences formed the basis for many images created at this time.


After several years contributing to Janus I was suddenly approached by a couple of young men who were intent on starting their own spanking magazine. It was fun to be in on something like this from the very beginning. All we knew was that we wanted our publication to be the epitome of excellence! This is why, when you search for it, you will only manage to track down eleven issues of this magazine.


Februs was originally created as a sister magazine to the long established Janus. As its editor throughout its nine year run I tried to give the magazine a more feminine look, including more female writers, and trying to make sure that whatever was written would reflect the way a woman really felt, rather than the way a man believed she felt.

We wanted to encourage women who had a tentative interest in erotic CP (particularly those who might feel put off by the overtly male oriented flavour of other publications) to be able to come out and buy Februs for themselves, instead of picking it up by accident and perusing it in secret.
I chose from the very best writers working in this genre and illustrated almost every story that was published. This is a selection of my personal favourites from the later issues.
These images represent a great revelation for me. I suddenly started to see my naked body in a new way, quite free from shame. I pictured the female body as a beautiful landscape and its natural undulations and crevices were no more obscene than hills and valleys.
This collection contains some of my favourites from the books published by The Erotic Print Societ (now Erotic Review Books), including Sexcitement, A Sexual Odyssey, Beatrice and the Essential Kama Sutra.
Here is my entire Kama Sutra collection to date. These drawings were originally commissioned for a series of ex libris bookplates entitled Modern Day Love Poems. Most of the original positions have been covered but they are seen against modern settings. These drawings were published in The Essential Kama Sutra.
These drawings are deeply personal to me. At a certain time in my life I entered into this story and explored its mysteries. These eight drawings are my own version of this much illustrated text.