These five giclée prints are currently available in A3 size (297mm x 420mm). They are hand printed by Paula on good quality heavyweight matt paper in vibrant colour, with white borders. Each print will be personally signed by the artist and despatched in a roller to ensure safe delivery.

PRICE (including postage and packing) £30 each.

This image was inspired by the thought that all things come from the womb of The Great Mother and that all flowers are the vulvas of the plant.  

Dawnscape   Rockscape
The Earth is also the living body of a woman. Every morning she welcomes the light as if it were her lover and her body burgeons with life.   In this drawing I was imagining the heights of arousal and expressing it in rocks, water and wind. The elemental powers combine in a tempestuous dance.

Lake of Tranquility  
To find rest I need to submerge myself in watery dreams. The undulations of a woman’s body are a soothing landscape.  

As the Sun withdraws, the vibrant curves of the landscape mellow to a more peaceful glow and the islands sleep.  

If there are any other images on this site that you would like to order as a print please email me. I can then let you know if they are available.