All the books below are now out of print but may be published in ebook format in the near future. Email Lynn Paula Russell for latest information here.

SEXCITEMENT by Lynn Paula Russell
Second in the Art of love series, with 20 illustrations in colour by Paula and additional illustrations by Sylvie Jones, 'Sexcitement' describes a wide variety of erotic activities step by step, combining highly personal accounts and insights with useful information and suggestions, to help couples maintain that erotic sparkle.

Size: 176 x 250mm

SEX PLAY by Dr David Delvin
First in the new Art of Love series, with illustrations by Lynn Paula Russell and Monica Guevara. Dr David Delvin is one of the world's leading sexologists. Here he outlines scores of mutually stimulating techniques of foreplay with unaffected clarity and in exhilarating detail. At last, a sex-guide that is informative and arousing too!

Size: 250 x 176mm
In this book, Dr David Delvin shows the limitless pleasure that simple sexual intercourse can bring. It is lavishly illustrated with more than twenty B/W dawings by Paula, clear diagrams by Vania Zouravliov, and, unlike most sex guides, intentionally explicit colour photographs of couples having real sex. Sex Perfect completes The Art of Love trilogy.

143 pages; Size 249x174mm

The Illustrated Book of Corporal Punishment
A delightful little book for devotees of the Great Subject, containing a mixture of photographs and illustrations both old and contemporary, by various artists. Text written by Paula, the book includes several of her drawings.

Size: 148 x 105mm


BEATRICE by Gordon Grimley
One of the Scarlet Library series, this volume is very handsomely bound. The story of Beatrice has been well known as a Victorian classic for sometime but is now revealed as a pastiche, written in the 1970s. It is the story of the erotic training of Beatrice, and her sister Caroline (with liberal use of the dildo and the whip), at the hands of their libertine aunt and uncle and the beautiful dominant Katherine. These exploits only serve to make Beatrice all the more powerful and lead to unexpected developments! Illustrated with 14 highly detailed pencil drawings by Paula.