"Lynn Paula Russell is a talented eclectic artist. She has been an actress and a dancer, has executed large composite images of various West End plays and musicals, smaller composites of important television plays and scenes for American television, and painted quad posters of Hollywood stars. She has explored the strange world of fetishistic art, illustrating a number of magazines and has produced several illustrated stories for French adult 'Bandes Desinees' magazines. Two other drawn novels have been issued as separate books there.

She paints in oils and water colours, but often prefers drawing in ink or pencil for the resulting sharpness. Several collectors have commissioned sets of drawings from her, including paintings inspired by The Story of O and the Kama Sutra. She has also been commissioned to execute a number of bookplates. Her work was exhibited at the Larmes d'Eros gallery in Paris and in a number of group shows in London galleries, and she has appeared in several discussion programmes on television in London and New York.

Serious and dedicated as an artist, she is also a humorous, fun-loving introvert who paradoxically, can transform herself into a grandiose exhibitionist. She creates a variety of pictures, forages into a dark fantasy world of perfumed eroticism strictly regimented, clad and unclad, by strange rules and stranger images; look closely at them, for many of its heroines are the artist herself, projected into her own, and other people's, often unavowed dreams."

Victor Arwas - Art Historian
Forword to 'The Illustrative Art of Lynn Paula Russell'